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The 90s was a great time for all of us, and I couldn’t have asked for a better time to grow up. There were so many guys that I looked up to and aspired to be just like, and even ladies, I mean Kelly Kapowski WOW, you set the standard for my future girlfriends. Hulk and Macho Man Randy Savage I could only dream of growing up to be half as tough as you guys. And the 90s toys, oh man all the toys, you couldn’t have asked for a better time to be a kid. This was a time when movies just started to introduce amazing special effects, and we couldn’t believe the graphics video games had! Nothing will ever match how great 90s cartoons were and still are. And we got to live in through all of this in the 90s.

Maybe we can’t time travel yet, but we can definitely reminisce in the past all we want, and that’s why we designed this site for you, us, and everyone else that loved living in the 90s.

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