90s Commercials That Will Take You Back to Your Childhood

These days, between DVR and streaming video, we can almost successfully avoid watching commercials altogether. Let’s go back in time to the 90s when we actually wanted to watch commercials- we needed to watch them! Commercials were our main source of valuable information on all of the awesome new toys, tasty snacks, favorite tv shows and sometimes even life lessons. Any number of 90s commercials would have us begging our parents to take us to the toy store for that must-have game or the fast food place to get the newest Happy Meal toy. See if you remember these 90s commercials- just some of the many that had us glued to the television between our Saturday morning cartoons.

This 90s commercial highlights the simplicity of that decade. It didn’t take too much for us to be happy. Just a little strip of plastic with a ball on the end and…wait, it has a counter on it?! Our little kid minds were blown.

Remember these guys? Back in the day when the Burger King Kid’s Club and the golden cardboard crown made every kid feel like royalty.

Juicy Fruit had a number of crazy 90s commercials that infiltrated our cartoon breaks. I know you’ll remember this one, but do you recognize the teenage guy? Yup, that’s Aaron Paul more than a decade before he helped Mr. White break bad.

Pepsi commercials (much like today) always brought the big stars. Some celebrities  that were featured in 90s commercials included Cindy Crawford, Shaq, The Spice

90s commercial pepsi generation next logoGirls and Ray Charles. There were several ad campaigns across the 90s, including ”Pepsi Generation” and “GeneratioNext”.  In the tail end of the 90s, Pepsi launched their “Joy of Cola” campaign with “Paulie” star Hallie Eisenberg (reality check: she’s 21 now) and Aretha Franklin.


Ok, I just couldn’t resist. Here’s the Pepsi 90s commercial featuring the Spice Girls, introducing GeneratioNext.

From 1993 to 1997, Pizza Hut’s main spokesperson was Pizza Head, who was featured in 90′s commercials with his pizza topping faces in spots that were directed by Walter Williams as a parody of his “Mr. Bill Show” from “Saturday Night Live”.  Pizza Head’s biggest enemy, a pizza cutter named Steve, appeared in different disguises throughout the campaign, to the delight of 90s kids everywhere.

Finally, this 90s commercial, perhaps more for the adults than the kids, with the backdrop of Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me”, is among the best car commercials ever imagined. Nissan introduced characters that very closely resembled Barbie, Ken and G.I. Joe (yes, Mattel did sue them for this in 1997 and settled outside of court) and combined them with some Toy Story inspiration to create this memorable 90s commercial.


**Bonus** Just for fun and nostalgia, here’s a 90s commercial for Blockbuster with classic Sega Genesis and Dan Marino!


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