Top 9 90s fashion fads

Get ready for an epic countdown of the top 90s fashion fads!

The #9 90s fashion fad is Slap Bracelets

Whether you preferred patterns or plan colors, it seemed like there was no limit on the fun you could have with snap bracelets. I think most of us enjoyed straightening them out then smacking them against our wrist and magically watching them wrap around.

90s fashion slap bracelets


The #8 90s fashion fad is Bandanas

Whether you were a straight up G like Tupac or a girl with an edgy side like Christina Aguilera if you rocked a bandana you were qualified cool. There were so many different ways you could wear bandanas, your pattern and fold of choice represented your personality.

90s fashion tupac bandana


The #7 90s fashion fad is Chokers

It is said that the number of chokers you had was in direct correlation with you popularity. Some of the choker colors and materials combined to represent specific meanings.

90s fashion chokers


The #6 90s fashion fad is Light Up Shoes

It seemed like everyone had to have a pair of light up shoes as a kid (even some grownups). Better yet if they were velcro and featured your favourite 90s cartoon or tv show you were straight up stylin!

90s fashion light up shoes


The #5 90s fashion fad is Overalls

Whether you were Will Smith or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen it seemed like overalls fit various styles. You could be a styling kiddo, or a fresh guy from west Philadelphia born and raised… need I say more?

90s fashion overalls


The #4 90s fashion fad is Neon Windbreakers/And Colorful Clothing

Windbreakers were the IN thing in the 90s. When I ran in my windbreaker I heard the sound of the material flapping in the wind, and maybe if I ran just a little faster I might just fly off the ground. Of course windbreakers wouldn’t be so awesome without the colourful palette of vibrant 90s colors. Why dress in dull browns and whites when you can wear every color of the rainbow!

90s fashion windbreakers


The #3 90s fashion fad is Frosted Tips/Bleached Hair

It seemed like every kid either aspired to be a boy band member or just like their favourite rapper Eminem. Either way, you were solidified cool status if you had frosted tips or bleached hair. People in the 90’s weren’t afraid to take chances fashion wise, today it seems like such radical choices would attract higher criticism.

90s fashion bleached hair


The #2 90s fashion fad is Air Jordan’s

Who was the biggest sport’s icon of the 90s? Without a doubt Michael Jordan! Every child athlete wanted to grow up to just be like him, and what better way to jump start that with a pair of Air Jordan’s.

90s fashion air jordans


The #1 90s fashion fad is the Fanny Pack

To me the reason the fanny pack was the biggest fashion trend of the 90s is because growing up I saw everyone wear them. My parents wore them, people on tv wore them, and heck my dog probably would have worn one too if he could have. They came in a variety of color schemes and styles, and it seemed like there was one for everyone. They could hold your camera, pogs, or even your favourite Pokemon cards.  Unfortunately like most 90s fashions this one died out, but we will never forget you Fanny Pack, goodnight sweet prince.

90s fashion fanny pack

What do you think was the biggest 90s fashion fad, comment with it below!

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