The Best Late 90s Cartoons!

Are you ready to hear about some of my favorite late 90s cartoons!

Good! Some people’s 90s cartoons that they thought were started in the early 90s started way later than they could have believed.  Some started as late as 1999, these TV shows were funny and classic from the beginning.  You may even have thought that the people who came up with these shows had something wrong with them.  Here are my favorite late 90s cartoons!

I think that almost everyone has heard of Courage the Cowardly Dog.  The gist of this 90s cartoon show was that there were two farmers and their dog (Courage) who all lived in the middle of nowhere.  But in each episode something weird happened, kind of like an American Horror cartoon.  When I was younger I was scared of this show and now I watch it online all the time.  Courage the Cowardly dog was created in 1999.

90s cartoon courage the cowardly dog


Ed, Edd, n Eddy was one of the most demented TV shows that I have ever seen because of the stupid things that they did that they thought were good ideas.  There are theories that this show is actually saying that all of these kids are in purgatory because there are no parents and everyone is slightly discolored.  But even if I thought that, this show made me dumber while watching it, and I watched it whenever it was on.  Ed, Edd, n Eddy was made in 1999.

90s cartoon Ed Edd and Eddy


I believe that Johnny Bravo was one of the most iconic cartoons that I watched when I was a kid because he had the hair.  That hair was huge and it made me laugh every time he brushed.  Maybe that was just me but this show was one of the classics in my opinion and he was so into himself that I think that this TV showed everyone how into himself he was.  He had one of the best accents in TV and was created in 1997.

90s cartoon Johnny Bravo

Cow and Chicken was a 90s cartoon that only lasted two years and whenever I was caught with this show on the TV my mom would ask me to change it, or ask “what are you doing with your life?!”.  This 90s cartoon though was hilarious and the cartoon characters that were included were so weirdly shaped and designed that you had to either love it or hate it right when you saw it.  Cow and Chicken was created in 1997 and finished in 1999.

90s cartoon cow and chicken

The Powerpuff Girls is definitely one of my favorite 90s cartoons from the late 1990’s because it had superheroes in it.  The theme song was one of the most exciting parts of the TV show because they made it sound like it really was happening.  The announcer for the show was a pretty stable reason that I watched it because his voice was so rich and I loved hearing it when I was younger.  Sugar and spice made everything nice but The Powerpuff Girls was created in 1998.

90s cartoon powerpuff girls

My final TV show is one that I watched all the time and there was no objection from my parents. Dexter’s Laboratory is by far the most creative 90s cartoon that was on TV.  I always had a little bit of sympathy when DeeDee would destroy something of Dexter’s but then I remind myself that he had it coming and got over it.  Dexter’s Laboratory was a TV show that formed my childhood, which was filmed in the 1996.

90s cartoon dexters laboratory

These TV shows made me who I am today and I wouldn’t wish any of them out of my life.  These shows make me laugh and sometimes cry because they are over now and I can’t see them again.  Kids who weren’t born in the 90s will never understand a true imagination, and what a crazy and creative life really meant.

Let me know by commenting below what your favorite 90s cartoons were!

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