Top 10 90s Toys

Are you ready to join me as I count down the top 10 90s toys?! Good!

The #10 Coolest 90s toy is Moon Shoes
I think we can all be honest and say these didn’t work that well. But the pure novelty of these was amazing! I dreamed of strapping these babies on and being able to dunk a basketball just like Michael Jordan, and as a kid you couldn’t aspire for anything more!

90s toys moon shoes


The #9 Coolest 90s toy is the Etch a Sketch
The way this worked was nearly mesmerizing, I felt like I was playing an infinite game of snake where my concentration couldn’t slip in the slightest or else I would have to start all over! At times Etch a Sketch was rage inducing when you accidentally shaked it and messed up your entire drawing, but the novelty of drawing something with 2 small knobs was enchanting.

90s toys etch a sketch


The #8 Coolest 90s toy is Mighty Max and Polly Pockets
Generally if you were a boy, your allegiance was sworn to Mighty Max and if you were a girl Polly Pocket was the only way to go, but I think we can all admit to playing with both at some time or another… These toys were small and portable and when you opened them up it felt like you had just ventured into a whole new world, after that your imagination was the only limit.

90s toys might max polly pocket


The #7 Coolest 90s toy is the Power Wheels Jeep
I wasn’t lucky enough to have one of these personally, but I had friends who did, and I couldn’t wait to try it out when they gave me the chance! Nothing felt quite as good as a kid as flooring it out of the driveway and feeling the cool breeze rush through your hair. This 90s toy allowed you the “mature” liberty of transportation. We all know that you were the most popular kid on the block if you had one of these.

90s toys power wheel jeep


The #6 Coolest 90s toy is Pokemon Cards
It was a global phenomenon, there was a tv show, video games, clothing, and as we are going to talk about here a card game! I don’t think most of us even knew how to play the card game, but we sure knew a Holographic Charizard was more collectible than a basic Pidgey. I remember hearing crazy stories for how much these cards were selling for on Ebay, and now you would be lucky to get anything for them.

90s toys pokemon Cards


The #5 Coolest 90s toy is the Super Soaker
The 90s seemed to be prime time for water guns. They were going bigger and better every year. When you entered a water fight with a Super Soaker you definitely had a leg up on everyone else who didn’t have one. You were a season water war veteran, and the super soaker was always your weapon of choice.

90s toys super soaker


The #4 Coolest 90s toy is Power Ranger Zords
I won’t lie to you Power Rangers was definitely my biggest obsession as a kid. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I excitedly exclaimed “A Power Ranger!” My love for the show and interest in mechanical objects I could assemble and take apart combined to fuel my love for Power Ranger Zords. Many zords could break down into miniature robotic pieces that had their own functionality, but together they created an epic Mega Zord! I still have a huge collection of these and whip them out from time to time.

90s power ranger zords


The #3 Coolest 90s toy is the Tamagotchi
Possibly the biggest worry as a kid was taking care of your Tamagotchi. You had to feed it, and play with it, and make sure it was happy. Tamagotchi thrusted me into the responsibilities of fatherhood far before I was ever ready, but there was something magical about showing off your virtual pet to your friends.

90s toys tamagotchi


The #2 Coolest 90s toy is any 90s Gaming System
Whether it was the Gameboy Color, SNES, N64, Playstation 1, or even Sega Genesis the 90s was a great time to be a gamer. Many of the games didn’t have to rely on violence or cheap gimmicks in the 90s they were just simple amusing fun! I remember how mind blowing it was every time they came out with a higher bit system, with more colors, 3d models, and better graphics! I grew up watching gaming history evolve before my eyes and it’s something I will never forget.

90s toys snes


The #1 Coolest Toy of the 90s was Beanie Babies
While possibly not the most entertaining or fun toy of the 90s, Beanie Babies were in my opinion the most popular toy of the 90s. Nearly everyone you knew collected them, kids, adults, teenagers, and even your grandma. The lengths people went to acquire Beanie Babies was crazy, quarter mile long lines at McDonalds (when they were giving them away), hundreds of people packed in stores that sold them, and even people paying thousands of dollars for the really collectible ones, Beanie Babies were an addiction. These were touted as the future of collectibles, and many of us dreamed as kids at our supposedly imminent fortune from our Beanie Babies one day. Unfortunately like most fads, it died off, and they were worth next to nothing. Although I still have some of mine, and the memories it took to get some of them will never fade.

90s toys beanie babies

What were your favorite 90s toys?! Comment with them below!

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